Square Bashing

I have crocheted some squares, but for no real reason. This Kauni Effectgarn (shade EK) has been waiting for a purpose for a long time, and though I know it can lend itself to some wonderful colourwork, I have just never settled on anything. I just fancied picking up a crochet hook the other day, and without putting too much thought into what I was going to make, I plucked the Kauni from the under-bed box and decided to use that. I suppose that the squares might one day join to make cushions, or a bag, but I’m not going to assign a purpose to them for now.

Now I have started these squares I want t play with the formula a little – perhaps add a few different stitches or motifs into the mix, and now the last of the Harmony guides is calling my name. I think I have just about all of the Harmony guides, but have not yet succumbed to the 250 Crochet Stitch motifs book. I think a blanket or set of cushions of plain squares with the odd fancy square thrown in might look quite nice, but with Christmas approaching I am going to hold off treats for myself for a while.

Talking of Christmas, I had a wander into the town square with my camera yesterday evening. It was insanely cold, so I only managed to get a couple of shots of the already Christmassy scene from the town square, looking towards the town hall: