Quite a bit of knitting and a treat for me

I feel as if my website has been conspiring against me recently. Firstly my battery re-charger broke and left me camera-less, and then, somehow, my webhost managed to block my IP, leaving me as the only person without access to my own website. Now, with a new battery charger and having been granted access to my own blog once more, I have quite  a bit to catch up on.

I have two hats, fresh from the needles, with patterns written up and ready to publish. All they need is a decent few pictures taken, which is going to be difficult as the moment, even with my newly charged camera batteries, as I feel that I look awful. We didn’t finish wok until 2:30am this morning, and then I had to get up early to prepare everything to take down to the Post Office as soon as it opened, so both Craig and I look rather tired and we are getting moreso by the day.

I want to thank everyone who gave advice on where to find the lockable stitch markers I was after, in the UK and without extortionate postage (one link had a postage cost of nearly £8, which I think is really a bit too much for such a small item). Kate mentioned trying eBay, which I had tried when I first started to look for them, but I was searching for ‘lockable stitch markers’ which wasn’t turning up any results. However, Victoria mentioned that they were made by Clover, and searching for the brand resulted in a seller offering them for a good price and only 75p postage, which is far more reasonable. There were also some great tips on using paperclips as makeshift removable markers, which is a handy tip to bear in mind when I inevitably lose each and every one of the stitch markers that I am gong to treat myself to.

Speaking of treating myself, I accidentally bought myself an early birthday present. I don’t mean accidentally in the way of ‘oops, it just happened to fall in my virtual shopping cart whilst I was surfing this knitting site, guv’nor!’, but rather that it is an accident that I have treated myself to it early.

I put a copy of Judith Durant’s Sock Yarn One-Skein Wonders on pre-order as soon as I heard it was going to be published. I love the One Skein Wonders books and own each of the other three titles in the series.

So, when I heard that there was going to be an issue devoted to sock yarn I was quite excited. After all, I love 4-ply yarn and I love small, portable accessory projects. I also thought it would be the perfect antidote to the Christmas comedown, due to the release date in January. So, I was rather surprised to receive an email from Amazon a few days ago to say that I’d been charged and the book was on its way. A truly accidental early birthday/Christmas present purchase for myself. Of course, I have been very good and left it safely in its packaging, not peeking and certainly not opening it…

Oh well. It wasn’t intended as a specific treat to myself, and I thought I deserved cheering up. As it happens, I am glad a did open it as my copy appears to be mis-printed over a number of pages, with the text and diagrams triple-printed and offset:

Despite the disappointment at the print quality, I can see that this is going to be my favourite of the series, with the Luxury One-Skein Wonders book following a close second. The book contains a great mixture of sock patterns (and really quite lovely sock patterns they are, too – I was pleasantly surprised at the detail in some of them) and many other non-sock projects. As always there are a couple of projects that leave my scratching my head a little – such as a cosy for a hand-soap dispenser bottle, which in my bathroom would end up soaking wet and covered in errant soap squirt within the hour, but there are many, many projects in this book that I am already looking forward to knitting (when I manage to get hold of a copy that I am actually able to read). So, now I just have to try and work out how to go about returning this copy and getting a replacement, then I can start planning one what I am going to knit when Christmas Eve, and the day we put our feet well and truly ‘up’ finally arrives.