One more stitch dictionary will not hurt

Father Craigmas must have consulted the wishlist I drew up with the help of Amazon, as around New Year (thanks for that, Amazon Elves & Royal Mail) a late Christmas present turned up, to take its place proudly on my knitting books shelf.

I do love a good stitch collection, and the harmony guides are well presented with decent pictures. A time will always come along when I find I need one that I don’t yet have – such as when making my collection of Granny Squares and deciding that it’d be an even better on-going project if I could throw in the odd ‘special’ square.

With that in mind, please do not point out that I am missing at least one from the Harmony Stitch guides collection, because I sort of already know and I have decided to try and avoid learning any more of it, because if I know about it then I will surely needit. I’m already semi-frustrated by the fact that the two left-most Harmony guides in the above picture are the older editions, and so do not match the others that I have bought since, knowing for certain that other exist will surely tip me over the edge.