Kidding me softly

Last night I picked out my most special fibre and started to spin it. I have considered and delayed in coming to decide how to spin this fibre, thinking that perhaps I should wait until I know how to spin a bit better or one day am in a position in which I might be able to buy or borrow a spinning wheel, but last night I decided that I might as well just enjoy playing with the lustrous strands.

When I rummaged in my small fibre box for the pale green pure kid mohair it was nestled up against another plait of fibre of mixed green and blue hues, and it looked so perfect next to the kid mohair that I wondered if the two fibres should not be worked together somehow.

I’m not sure if the two fibres will end up in the same yarn or the same project, but I’ve decided not to worry about it, but instead to just enjoy the spinning. And what a joy to spin the kid mohair is. Soft, silky long strands that slip through the fingers leaving behind a smooth twist of yarn with sheen and lustre. Spinning kid mohair may require a different technique to how I have spun before, but I decided to just see how it felt to spin, and it feels just perfect. Maybe there is a better way, but I’m just going to enjoy working with these fibres and see what results from them.