Half way there!

My bat picture made it through to the final of the MochiMochi Land picture contest! I’m really pleased with my bat picture and so chuffed to have made it to the final. Anna’s blog is a lovely cute place to visit anyway, so please consider dropping by and casting a vote (unlike in the preliminary rounds, you can now vote by ticking a box and pressing submit to vote, which is easier than commenting and probably easier for the folks at MochiMochi Land to count, too).

So, if you have a moment, please consider dropping by Mochi Mochi Land and submitting a vote  

In other knitterly happenings, I’m currently in the process of thinking about what to knit this evening. At the moment, hats seem to be the predominant thing on my mind, mostly because it keeps snowing and the have been a necessity rather than an accessory. The good news is that it has been perfect weather for Hat Watch, a yearly sport in which I try and guess which hats are hand-knit and which are shop bought. Today I spotted a lovely but well-worn pale turquoise diamond cable hat upon the head of a woman shopping in Marks and Sparkle and a quite magnificent cabled hat in army green with giant pompom upon the head of a man I passed whilst crossing the road. I feel as if I need to knock my hat-making game up a notch or two and I’m going to start tonight.