Going in reverse

Does anyone else, after completing a project using stranded colourwork, get a deep sense of almost smug satisfaction from turning the item inside out and looking at the reverse stranding?

There’s just something nice about discovering, after the knitting, some nicely balanced, even tensioned floats.

managed to get some knitting done over the weekend and completed this very quick project, which I am feeling too wretched to model at the moment. I gave my new little tea mug stitch markers their first duties, and they cheered up my knitting no end, whilst also reminding my to stay hydrated and eat biscuits. A few readers were rather taken with the little stitch markers when I bought them and asked where they could get their own set, but sadly I had nabbed the last available ones in the shop. I have, however, spied that they have reappeared in Stephcuddles’ Etsy store, though there are only two sets available, so be quick if you want a set! They’d also make a fabulous gift for any knitting friends.