Fingerless mitts with texture

My aim was these mitts was to try to create a really basic, easy beginner’s pattern that still had some detail that took the finished item a step above that of a garter stitch scarf. These mitts only requite knowledge of how to knit and purl, and they are knit flat. There are no increases or decreases, no thumb gussets or afterthought stitch holders, no DPNs or anything like that. All they requires are a little (really, very little) sewing up afterwards. I hoped to make them easy enough for even a very beginner knitter or very young knitter to manage and yet end up with a project that they could feel a sense of accomplishment with.

The textured motifs are in the form of moss stitch diamonds on stockinette backgrounds, bordered on all sides with stretchy 1×1 rib, ensuring that they fit a wide range of hand sizes and also keeping them snug against the hands.

These aren’t a pattern I have written for this site or Ravelry, but readers may well see them again in a few months!