Crafting Mama knits

I have a place in my heart for the ‘Mama’ games series, where the two of us have spent enough snatched five minute quiet periods of time to amount to quite a few hours of cooking and gardening time together. The games are flawed in that both the DS and Wii versions are temperamental and unresponsive, but the graphical charm of the games makes it fine for a bit of casual gaming at the bus stop.  But then she went and got into knitting.

Well, not just knitting – she’s reinvented herself as nothing less than a cartoon Martha Stewart and has filled her kitchen area with enough glitter, glue and beads to fill a Hobbycraft store, because when Mama gets into crafting, she does so in a big way.

Knitting to a standard satisfactory to Mama is as prone to dodgy controls as the rest of the minigames, and though you may perform all the requisite on-screen actions, there’s a good chance you’ll be dropping your stitches all over the place, and this will make Mama angry. Perhaps it is because she insists on making me knit continental, when I usually knit English style.

And make her angry with my substandard crafting, I did. Repeatedly. And anyone who has cooked or gardened with Mama before knows that she doesn’t like failures, because they make her eyeballs burst into flames. Knitting does that to you, sometimes.