2018 Knitting retrospective

Goodbye 2018. I am quite glad you are over, as I have hopes for better things from 2019. I hope everyone had a good Christmas break? Good, good. I was terribly sick throughout Christmas – pretty much from my birthday onwards. I am still suffering from a mild fever and breathing difficulties now, but as I am nowhere near as bad as I was last week, I am feeling better at least.

I received a few messages to let me know that my site has been down for a few days whilst I was poorly. I am sorry for this, I wasn’t aware, and haven’t been feeling up to applying myself to the internet in any way for the last 10 days or so. Being ill also scuppered my knit loads of stuff over Christmas wishes, so the new item I was hoping to wow you with today is in fact only 60% complete.

Before I rush off into new knits, though, I thought I’d piece together a customary 2018 knitting retrospective of all the things I completed last year.

So, that’s 26 items in total, about 2 per month. Perhaps not as much knitting as I couldhave done, but I tried to balance my knitting with better documenting my knitting, both with my blog and also by publishing patterns for some of my original designs. Oh, and there’s one item that isn’t on the list there, and that is my grandmother’s jumper, as I never did get a decent picture, after the endless hours of ribbing I worked my way through. Maybe I do not need reminding.

That’s enough looking back over my shoulder. I’ll enjoy many of those knits for years to come (it has been so cold here recently that I have felt like I might just wear all my hats at once), but bigger and better knits await, so welcome 2018, and pass me my needles – I have a large fingering weight lace shawl to knit!